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But this worm, even in his wildest dreams, could not begin to envisage that these beginnings would lead directly to arms control talks and a treaty with the Soviets in Moscow, or defending a .8 Billion energy budget before the United States Congress. The camaraderie was enormous - I was fortunate to belong to two cultures, the Quaternary Group under Harry Godwin in the Botany School and the Radiochemistry Group under Alfred Maddock in the Chemistry Department.

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Of the generous Nuffeld Foundation grant, £475 per annum were to be my share, quarterly in arrears.

This then is a tale of the early days of the Cambridge Radiocarbon Laboratory from the 'worm's eye view'.

These were people who worked together and did things together.

One of these was a particularly gifted fellow student called Richard West with whom the term brotherhood has taken on a lifelong meaning.

One of the better ones was of course Radiocarbon Dating itself, and thoroughly deserved the Nobel Prize.